Kim Kardashian Would Like You To Know She Charged Her Latest Preggo Craving To Her Black Amex Card

Goodness knows I don’t expect Kim Kardashian to be a beacon of class and etiquette, especially when it comes to money. The soon-to-be mother may have eventually opted out of receiving baby shower gifts (points!) but she does want you to know that she just shopped her latest preggo craving on her black American Express card. KARDASHIAN KLASS, BABY!

Kim Kardashian says that she was over at the Beverly Center in Beverly Hills picking up some Panda Express, being a klassy lady with her klassy black AMEX:

kimkardashianAMEXOne of things I love most about Kim is that she never fails to top herself. Say what you will about her, but she never disappoints. Just when I think she’s taken the cake by throwing a Twitter tantrum over the paps failing to capture her pregnant bikini shoot, she ups the Kardashian ante by publicly informing everyone of the exact credit cards in her wallet. What kind of wallet Kim? Coach? Chanel? Why did you leave out these very important details?

And to answer your question, no the accompanying Instagram was not a picture of fried rice sitting beside a black American Express card. Disappointing, I know. Hopefully, Kim’s black Amex card will make future Twitter/Facebook/Instagram appearances. Via #BlackAmex hashtags, of course!


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