Gisele Bundchen Debuts Hideous Troll-Like Monster Daughter

549277_10152562729420083_1204809370_nOkay, yeah yeah, I can’t fool you guys, because Gisele‘s daughter is just as adorable and lovely as you would expect she would be, considering she was born to two amazingly beautiful parents and is possibly being fed a steady diet of moonbeams and fairy dust. But how cool would it have been if little Vivian Lake looked like some sort of monster baby that lived under a bridge and ate toads for breakfast? No? Not cool? Okay, fine, you win. Ahem.

Vivian Lake, daughter of supernaturally beautiful people Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady, made her debut via a Facebook photo that mommy posted along with the caption “Love is everything! Happy friday, much love to all,” that was snapped during a trip to that not at all beautiful place where not at all beautiful people like to vacation, Hawaii. Sheesh, could this thing get any more magical and beautiful? From the LA Times:

E! Online was first to have images of the baby from the family’s trip to Hawaii. The 35-year-old gave birth to Vivian Lake at home in Boston on Dec. 5. The bundle of joy joined Bündchen and Brady’s son Benjamin, 3, and John, 5, Brady’s son from Bridget Moynihan.

“We feel so lucky to have been able to experience the miracle of birth once again and are forever grateful for the opportunity to be the parents of another little angel,” Bündchen said of the birth.

Bündchen is a former Victoria’s Secret model and has recently been announced as the new face of Chanel cosmetics. She married the New England Patriots quarterback in 2009.

There are no reports that little Vivian is always surrounded by bluebirds nor that she slumbers on a bassinet crafted from the finest silk spun from the hair of singing maidens that is carefully attached to a unicorn which gently rocks the wee princess to sleep. But I totally bet that’s how it goes down in the Bundchen/Brady household. I bet this baby doesn’t even defecate or cry or do anything, other than just sit there and look adorable.

Meanwhile, in the land of normal people, I just spilled coffee on my oversized T-shirt with the bleach stains on it. I’m a princess too!

(Photo: Facebook)

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