Kim Kardashian’s Baby Bump Is Officially Here For You To Salivate Over

Kim Kardashian baby bump

Well, the tabloids have certainly been searching all over the place for that coveted Kim Kardashian baby bump under folds of workout clothes and layered dresses. But consider this the official Kim Kardashian Baby Bump Debut. Complete with profile of said bump. I’m expecting a follow up shot in a month. I want a month by month photo update on this pregnancy, Kim.

There comes a time in every celebrity pregnancy in which the paps snap that highly sought after baby bump debut — unfortunately. But leave it to press hound Kim Kardashian to beat even the professionals to their own job! (Kind of like when she got peeved at the paps for missing her pregnant bikini shoot). Way to bypass all the middle man stuff .

The soon to be mother shared the image of she and sister Khloe Kardashian with the following tweet. Oh and she got fun with hashtags:

Well hello there! #PoppedOuttaNowhere!!!

I’m surprised the reality starlet refrained from this mega share/press grab for even this long (despite reports that she plans to be “private” about baby’s name). Then again, she did say that her baby bump just #PoppedOuttaNowhere. So straight to the interwebs with that fetus!

(photo: Featureflash / Shutterstock/ Instagram)

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