Kim Kardashian’s Fabulous Bump Gets To Make Its Debut At Fashion Week

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shutterstock_119441398Kim Kardashian‘s bump is appearing. Of course, the Internet will document it every step of the way. How chic for it to make its debut at Paris Fashion Week! That is the most fabulous place ever for a baby bump to emerge. I’d expect no less from Kanye West‘s offspring.

Us Magazine has a picture of the bump. I’m not totally convinced that it is a bump, or just a crease in her dress. But whatever – it’s fabulous, right? I think I debuted my fabulous bump in a pair of yoga pants at the deli. Everyone was like, “oh look! You’re starting to show!” Then I bought a Kit-Kat and went along my merry way. Not as exciting as being in Paris and draped in fur. And I’ve totally missed my prime sex-tape making years so I don’t think my life will be getting any more glamorous. Oh, the humanity.

I’m joking around because that’s what I do – but I think it actually is going to be very hard for Kim to come through this pregnancy unscathed. The Internet already documents every angle of her ass on a daily basis – can you imagine what it’s going to do with her weight gain? I don’t envy celebrities that. It’s hard enough to put on weight, be hormonal, and try to hold it together while you are constantly carrying around a little creature – internally. I can’t even imagine having a camera follow me around while I’m trying to sneak to the bagel shop.  That would totally suck. Kim is used to it though. Us reports:

Kardashian, known for her hard work ethic, isn’t skimping on her other responsibilities. “Up early for a photo shoot!” she tweeted Jan. 23. “Shooting my sixth fragrance ad campaign today in Paris with Nick Knight! What a dream come true!”

Kim and Kanye seem to be handling all the baby craziness pretty well so far:

The two are also keeping busy by prepping their new 9,00-square-foot home in L.A.’s Bel Air. “They’re redoing the whole house,” a source says of the $11 million mansion, an Italian-style villa that features a hair salon, indoor pool and bowling alley. “They hope it’s ready when the baby arrives.”

Baby bumps debuting at Fashion Week. Hair salons and bowling alleys in the house. I need to make some celebrity friends. Although I will be eternally confused as to how Kim got this famous, I wish her the best with her pregnancy – and all of the public scrutiny her growing baby bump will inevitably bring.

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