If You Want To Put Your Children On A Leash, Go For It

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shutterstock_180196304__1396376112_142.196.156.251There is something I’m adding to the list of “things I judged moms for before I had kids that I totally understand now” – leashes. Yes, I said leashes.

I actually believe the correct term is “harness” and no, I’ve never used one. I used to look at mothers who did this with confusion mixed with a sprinkling of disdain. Now I understand that anything a mother does that looks ridiculous she’s come into to save her own sanity. This hypothesis was confirmed when I read the post, Yes, I Harness My Kids by Katy of the parenting blog I Want A Dumpster Baby. Katy has twin 14-month-old babies. Katy lives in Chicago. Katy is going to take a stress-free walk alone with her kids and she doesn’t give a shit what you think about it. I’m with Katy.

We are at the point where their safety when we are outside around cars, trains, people, dogs, just about anything, is a non-stop barrage of OH I HAVE TO GO RUN OVER THERE for them.  And there are of two of them and one of me.  I have 14-month-old twins and you can bet your ass I will do whatever I have to in order to keep them safe.  If there is more than one adult around (without kids of their own to keep watch over) to help chase kids, that’s one thing, but many times it’s just one adult and two kids and until you’ve been there, I urge you to reconsider your judgment.  Even if you HAVE been there and you have somehow split your body in two to run after two toddlers at the same time, you must be a superhero and good for you, but maybe cut me a break here, huh?

I was at the park yesterday with my 10-month-old daughter and my 3-year-old son. It was an impromptu stop – I had just driven my mother home. She helps me with childcare during the day. I was feeling guilty for not getting my son to the park before I started work for the day, so I decided to attempt the park with both children and no carrier or stroller. I realized this would put me in an interesting predicament if my toddler decided he didn’t want to leave the park – which of course he did.

There was no way I could carry both of these kids. With my hands full of a large infant and my toddler refusing to walk, I was basically stuck. What did I do? I lied to him and told him we were going to McDonald’s to get him to leave the park. Guess I’ll never be able to use that excuse again.

Point of the story? You have no idea how hard it is to wrangle two small children if you’ve never had to do it. If slapping a harness on her 14-month-old twins gives Katy the confidence she needs to get them to the park or around the corner – good for her. I’m not judging a mom with 14-month-old twins. Not doing it. I’d probably be afraid to leave the house.

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