You’ll Be Pleased To Know That Kate Middleton Has Been Deemed Baby Bump Free

Kate Middleton post baby body Tusk Trust awardsKate Middleton may have received the tabloid “post-baby body” seal of approval back when she was just trying to grab some groceries, but that arbitrary thumbs up has just gone way, way up. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended the Tusk Trust awards and, because the princess welcomed a baby a few months ago, this made for an ample royal post-baby body update. Because who gives a hoot about an award ceremony when there is a postpartum body to analyze?

The Mirror reports that the royal couple were guests of honor at a ceremony to celebrate  “conservation heroes.” K Middy was praised for her choice of gown, but along side a flipping DAY COUNT since her delivery:

Duchess Kate looked stunning in a floor-length gown as she arrived at the Tusk Trust awards – just 52 days after she gave birth to son George.

The figure-hugging sleeveless sequinned gown is the creation of Jenny Packham, one of the Duchess’ favourite fashion designers….The Duchess gave birth to son Prince George just over seven weeks ago but showed no sign of her former baby bump.

The rags have deemed this a baby bump free zone, gang. They can’t even report on her clothing choice without reminding you — by the day — how long it’s been since Prince George evacuated the uterine premises. How long will this timer go? It’s been 74 days since K Middy gave birth and she’s in a bikini! It’s been 84 days since Kate pushed out a baby and she’s eating ice cream!

(photo: i-Images,

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