Reality Star Is Torn Apart on the Internet for Admitting She Hates Being Pregnant

Everyone handles pregnancy differently. Some women are glowing, beautiful vessels of motherhood, and others are sweaty, puking shells of their non-pregnant selves. But no matter how a woman deals with pregnancy, it isn’t exactly easy. Still, don’t even THINK about complaining about pregnancy on the internet, as one British reality star learned this week when she admitted she hates being pregnant.Luisa Zissman, who appeared on the British versions of The Apprentice and Celebrity Big Brother, is currently pregnant with her third child.

Luisa took a break from her usual pretty posts on Instagram to get real about how much she hates being pregnant.

“Feeling sick in bed with Ellie…hate growing babies literally don’t enjoy anything about pregnancy,” she wrote in her caption. “It goes on FOREVER too, I mean feels like I’ve got ages. Shouldn’t moan I know, but it’s no fun, thank God I adore giving birth.”

It’s a very relatable message for anyone who’s been pregnant…and that’s the rub.

Many of Luisa’s followers struggled with infertility, and didn’t appreciate her post.

“I can’t imagine what it feels like, but just think you haven’t had to go through countless rounds of IVF and fertility treatments to get where you are, which don’t make you feel well either,” wrote one commenter. “#bethankful life’s too short, many people would be praying to be in your position right now.”

“I’m sure many women would love to be in your position and ‘growing a baby’ even if it made them feel horrendous but maybe they can’t…count yourself lucky,” wrote another.

“Be thankful you are blessed to conceive, carry and birth babies. Some women would give anything to be in your shoes,” added one more. “Not judging, just saying x.”

Oh man. My heart breaks for these women. But oh how I relate to Luisa. It was a long, hard struggle for me to get my children. I had just about every pregnancy complication you can think of, from miscarriages to gestational diabetes, hyperemesis gravidarum to a clotting disorder, and preterm labor. I hated being pregnant. It was months of throwing up twenty times a day, months of shots, and months of being terrified that I was going to lose my baby.

Through it all, I was always thankful I was pregnant. I wanted those babies more than anything, but that didn’t take away how absolutely horrible I felt. However, I rarely complained to anyone outside of my family for fear of being judged. And honestly, that’s unfortunate. I felt very isolated and lonely, because I didn’t want people to think I wasn’t grateful.

Luckily, many of Luisa’s followers offered her support and encouragement. Hopefully things will get easier for Luisa very soon.

(Image: Instagram / @luisazissman)

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