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Are You There, Moms? It’s Me, Idiot. Did You Want One Gender Over Another?

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mom adviceHere we are again, parents/non-parents/advice givers. This week, I’m curious about whether or not you wanted a boy or a girl, and if you ended up popping out the sex of your choice. “We don’t care about the sex as long as he or she is healthy” is the standard answer, but we can all agree that’s kind of bullshit, right? I’m counting on you guys to be up front with me about this.

My parents have long claimed that they wanted daughters, which is convenient since they have two of them and no sons. They swear up and down that they prayed for two girls, and there was some convoluted tale of my deceased grandparents hearing my parents’ prayers and sending down two girls, which is a lovely story if you’re into that that type of thing. Then again, my parents are pathological liars who are for some reason concerned with my feelings and are exactly the types to make up a lovely story like that because they think hearing that they wanted sons would for some reason upset me. So we’ll never know.

When I think about having kids, I always picture myself having daughters. This might be because I grew up with no brothers, and therefore I assume that all families include two daughters. But at this point, I don’t have enough concrete thoughts about being a future parent to have a real preference.

I already have some experience with sex disappointment (AND I’M NOT JUST TALKING ABOUT IN THE BEDROOM, LADIES. BOOM! Okay cool, I am bad at doing sex. I’ll just show myself out). I was four years old when my mother became pregnant with my little sister, and apparently I was an unintelligent child because I was thoroughly convinced that there was a chance that I’d get an older brother out of the whole thing. When my sister was born, she was a massive disappointment, considering that she was both female and four years younger than me. I never let her forget that she’s still one of the biggest disappointments in my short life, and also my best friend in the world so you know I guess it worked out okay or something.

So let’s get into it. Did you–or do you–want one sex over another? What made you want to parent sons or daughters, specifically? If it didn’t work out, were you actually disappointed or was that little wriggling pile of snugs cute enough to make you forget? I’m all ears.

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