Obama Makes Speech To Planned Parenthood, Doesn’t Mention Abortion Once

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ad66d53e7a0aae6730fcc768f452febdYesterday, Obama became the first sitting President to address Planned Parenthood supporters at the organization’s national conference. He didn’t mention abortion once. I, for one, thank him for that.

He reaffirmed his long-standing support of the organization and criticized Republicans for turning it into a “punching bag.” Our President is acutely aware that for many, Planned Parenthood is the only resource for women’s health services. Services that include everything from basic pap smears to life-saving cancer screenings. It was smart not to mention abortion. Why play into the Right’s script for what providing health services to men and women entails?

The Right would have you believe that Planned Parenthood is some kind of abortion factory.  In reality, the percentage of all Planned Parenthood health services that are abortion services is three. Three percent. With nearly 5,000,000 people world wide provided with sexual and reproductive health care and education – why should any of us buy into or perpetuate the “abortion exists because of Planned Parenthood” argument?

I am totally pro-choice and appreciate Obama’s use of terms like “a woman’s right to choose.” Some think it was “cowardly” for him not to say the word “abortion” once. I disagree. A woman’s right to choose what happens in her body is not all about abortion – as the anti-choicers would have you believe.

From a transcript of Obama’s speech on Jezbel:

For many, Planned Parenthood is their primary source of health care — not just for contraceptive care, but for lifesaving preventive care, like cancer screenings and health counseling.

So when politicians try to turned Planned Parenthood into a punching bag, they’re not just talking about you; they’re talking about the millions of women who you serve. And when they talk about cutting off your funding, let’s be clear: They’re talking about telling many of those women, you’re on your own. They’re talking about shutting those women out at a time when they may need it most — shutting off communities that need more health care options for women, not less.

As a pro-choice woman and a woman who has relied on Planned Parenthood for services in the past – I appreciate that we have a President that understands this and is unwilling to use women’s health as a pawn in a political game.

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