Kate Middleton’s Baby Bump Is Finally Here For Everyone To Scrutinize

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pregnant kate middleton bumpAfter some very audible concern-trolling about pregnant Kate Middleton not producing a baby bump for everyone to salivate over, the Duchess is finally bumping it. I know everyone is heaving a sigh of relief because, as a lady in the public eye, her body is totally their business.

Daily Mail reports that Kate and her royal fetus were at The Willows Primary School to boost morale after arsonists reportedly attacked the campus. At six months pregnant, Kate was “greeted by hundreds of excited young children cheering and waving the national flag of England in honour of St George’s Day.” She also gave a speech about addiction struggles, specifically for a new counseling program that she and hubby Prince William have cooked up (along with the Royal Foundation, Comic Relief, Place2Be and Action on Addiction). The new program, entitled M-PACT (Moving Parents And Children Together), aims to provide support for children impacted by their parents’ drugs or alcohol abuse.

But of course, all eyes are on the bump. They’re practically whipping out the measuring tape at this point:

Her blossoming bump was still small but much more visible in the £1.065 Sophia Visconti-bloom silk dress by Canadian designer Erdem.

I expect a full on description with bump dimensions come next month.