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Georgia Woman Arrested for Assaulting Pregnant Servicewoman Over Parking Space

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Welp, this didn’t turn out quite the way she was probably hoping it would, now did it? A 72-year-old woman in Macon, Georgia found herself in cuffs in the back of a squad car when she verbally and physically assaulted a pregnant servicewoman at a Cheddars restaurant. Judy Tucker, racist, thought it would be just fine if she went after two black servicewomen on Saturday night. Their alleged crime? Why, they stole Judy’s parking space! Thank god for camera phones, so all of Tucker’s disgusting behavior could be captured on film for the world to see. We see you, Judy! ::waves middle finger::

The altercation started when Judy Tucker and her son got REAL ANGRY when the servicewomen took their parking spot.

LaKeysia Ward filmed the entire incident as it went down. Ward and other witnesses said that Tucker’s son followed the soldiers inside the restaurant, and began verbally assaulting them. The son, who sounds like maybe he left his white robes at home that evening, called the women “gay black bitches” and shouted, “Does the military let lesbians serve?” Heads up, you racist fuck: YES, YES THEY DO.

Things went from verbal abuse to physical assault when one of the servicewomen began filming Judy Tucker and her son during their disgusting tirade.

Tucker yells, “Put that phone down! You do not have the right to take a picture of me!” She and her son then attempted to grab the phone from the woman, pushing the pregnant woman in the process. The unidentified pregnant servicewoman says, “First of all, look at me! I’m pregnant! Look at me – You’re pushing a pregnant lady!” Then Tucker’s son sneers and replies, “Oh really? By her?” while pointing to the other woman.

Other patrons step in at this point, and separate the racist idiots from the women. Judy Tucker and her son are then escorted out of the restaurant, where police were waiting.

The best part? This fucking lady (term used loosely) had the nerve to try and play the victim in the whole scenario, even going as far as lying to the police about what happened. Tucker can be seen crying as she’s arrested on simple battery charges. Her daughter Angie could be heard telling officers that Judy had “10 big black guys on her”.

To which officers responded, “We saw the whole thing.” Save your white tears Judy, they ain’t going to save your ass here!

You can watch the entire incident above. Judy Tucker was arrested and booked on simple battery charges, and has since been released. The servicewomen who were the victims of her racist verbal and physical abuse haven’t been identified, but I sincerely hope they enjoyed their meal in peace after Tucker was taken away. It’s always nice to see racists get what’s coming to them!

(Image: Twitter/@tariqnasheed)