Wait A Minute Here, Jon Gosselin Hasn’t Had To Pay Child Support Since April!

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Kate Gosselin may be a fame whore but you know what? She’s seeming more and more “normal” after this whole Jon Gosselin-proclaiming-he’s-broke fiasco. Yesterday we reported on Jon’s single-dad predicament: pay rent or pay child support, one or the other. “I need to support my kids, but I could lose my house, and I need my home to continue to have custody,” he said of his catch-22 situation. He went on to explain how awesome he is for “taking the high road and quitting television,” but turns out that decision will land him in jail. (Uh, okay.)

If Kate and her attorney are to be believed, Jon hasn’t had to pay child support since April (!). According to, he no longer has to pay a single cent to Kate for their eight children.“Kate and Jon talked and worked through all of these issues and she withdrew the child support,” said Kate’s attorney, adding, “The last thing Kate ever wanted was for the children to see their father in dire financial straits.”

Look, it’s not easy being a single mom no matter who you are. And while we’ve criticized Kate before on this very site, you have to give her props for supporting her eight children entirely on her own. Is more subjecting yourself to even more reality TV a smart move? Not really. But at least she’s paying the bills. Which is more than we can say for Jon. And, hey, at least she’s not starring in masturbation videos.