Suspect Arrested For Killing Missing Kid Jessica Ridgeway Is Just A Kid Himself

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Jessica Ridgeway‘s family may be one step closer to understanding the nightmare that consumed their 10-year-old daughter. Police reportedly arrested a young man today after receiving a particular tip — just one of thousands that have been shared with the authorities. Jessica’s alleged attacker is believed to be connected to a May 28 attempted abduction of a 22-year-old runner at the Ketner Lake Open Space. He’s also just 17 years old with a seemingly distraught mother of his own, putting a new sinister spin on an already dark case.

Associated Press reports that 17-year-old Austin Reed Sigg is in a juvenile facility after his mother contacted police. Sigg then turned himself in. The Arapahoe Community College student lives about a mile from Jessica’s home. He will face two counts of first degree murder, one kidnapping charge and others in connection with the attempted abductions at Ketner Lake during his first court appearance tomorrow on October 25th.

Sigg’s mother maintains that her son went willingly to the authorities:

Reached by phone Wednesday, Sigg’s mother told The Associated Press he turned himself in.

“I made the phone call, and he turned himself in. That’s all I have to say,” said Mindy Sigg, before she broke down in tears and hung up the phone.

The surprising turn of events make abstract claims of “stranger danger!” even more feeble in that the alleged Sigg is no more than a boy himself. While we’re fairly limited in what we can teach children to recognize and respond to in situations of abduction, rags soaked with chemicals and being potentially snatched by minors don’t seem to make the Stranger Danger memo.