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Girl Your Loins For Jenny Mollen’s Sexy Placenta

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I have a pretty strong stomach, but some things even disgust me. Things like boogers, dog poop and placentas. Especially other people’s placentas. Even famous placentas. But that is exactly what I got when I headed over to actress (and Jason Biggs‘ wife) Jenny Mollen’s Twitter feed. Check it out (if I have to endure this then so do you, dear readers).

Jenny Mollen's placenta. You're welcome

I thought about censoring this, but NOPE. Here it is in all its glory. (Twitter)

The best part, in my humble opinion, is how unashamed Jenny is of her over-sharing shenanigans. The photo is captioned “Hope I’m not “over sharing” but there’s no denying my placenta looks super hot and thin in this pic. #babybiggs ”

I have so many questions. What does a fat placenta look like? Did Jason Biggs take this pic? Who started this whole #babybiggs hashtag? WHY?

Don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to placenta shame Jenny here. I just wish I hadn’t checked out her feed during dinner. Though I do have a hankering for some rare steak now.