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You Need to See This Baby Totally Nail Her Very First Birth Photo

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(Instagram / Thaise De Mari)

Brazilian Instagram star Thaise De Mari is no stranger to the camera. The gorgeous fashion Instagrammer has amassed a large following of fans who can’t get enough of her attractive photos. When Thaise became pregnant last year, she documented her pregnancy and growing bump on her Instagram feed, keeping her followers up to date on her baby. Even though Thaise looks like she has a picture-perfect life, the first photo she posted of baby Carmel exceeded everyone’s expectations.

In the birth photo (a selfie, of course), Thaise is smiling joyfully while she lays the operating table, seemingly oblivious to the surgery still taking place on the other side of the blue cloth drape. Next to her is beaming face of her partner, the baby’s daddy. And there, just above her mom, is the smiling – yes, smiling – face of minutes-old Carmel.

Thaise wrote on Instagram, “And suddenly the picture of my life is without production, without resolution, without worry about hair, makeup or angle! Carmel already showing in the first seconds what’s to come, making a family HAPPY! She’s happy to get out of the cage.”

Yeah, she is! Have you ever seen a baby who looks more stoked to be alive than little Carmel? They all look like models. I look like a monster in all of my c-section photos.

Thaise thanked her followers on Instagram for the support, writing, “We reserve the best and most sincere smiles for you!!! Thank you so much for your affection!!!”

Baby Carmel was born healthy, at seven-and-a-half pounds and 19-inches long. And no, her giant grin was not a fluke – a quick scroll through mom Thaise’s Instagram feed shows several photos of the beautiful little girl smiling from ear to ear.