Truly Outrageous Jem And The Holograms PSA Will Get You Stoked For The Movie

images-1There is exciting news out today because there will be a Jem and The Holograms movie. If you are of a certain age, you probably remember how truly outrageous and fabulous this show was and how you almost got into fistfights with your friends on the playground over whether you were more of a Jem or a Pizzazz or a Kimber. One of the best part about cartoons from the 80’s is that a lot of the times during commercial breaks they would should these amazing public service announcements so that kids could get their learn on while rocking out to the Holograms. Thanks to you tube, you can enjoy some of the Jem ones from back in the day, which cover everything from not touching down power lines to why you shouldn’t shoplift to not stealing your parents prescription drugs. Everything a kid should know!
[youtube_iframe id=”SAfQ6Q0KkuE”]

The producers of the upcoming movie have asked the public to submit ideas about the project to Tumblr and You Tube using the hashtag #Jemthemovie about what they would like to see. In case anyone was wondering, I feel it is very important to the upcoming film that a scene like this from the original cartoon involving one of the Starlight girls be included:

[youtube_iframe id=”8YLZfNpzmxY”]

The producers have also put out an open casting call, asking kids of any age or gender who can sing, dance and act to upload a two-minute video showcasing their talents. By “kid” they mean 44-year-old women who badly wants to play like an aunt or something right?

(Image: Tumblr)

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