Giuliana Rancic’s Happy Baby News Puts A Very Public Dent In Surrogacy Stigmas

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giuliana rancic babySurrogacy stigmas may still linger for many women, but apparently not for Giuliana Rancic. The E! News host who has struggled openly with infertility, IVF, and of course breast cancer, announced that she and her husband Bill Rancic are finally expecting. But watching the couple delight and gush over their long awaited happy ending suggests that perhaps those elevated eyebrows at the term “surrogate” are a thing of 2008.

The couple appeared on the TODAY show to elaborate on their announcement, confirming that they had reached out to a surrogate and are expecting this summer. They kept tight-lipped on the gender of the baby, but just barely. With big big smiles they  told viewers that they do know whether they’re having a boy or a girl but that they’re keeping the sex to themselves for now.

But what’s most delightful about Giuliana’s baby news — aside from the joyful announcement following a double mastectomy — is that she describes the moment of learning her surrogate’s pregnancy as “the best moment in my life.” She openly beams about her surrogate as “a dream come true,” putting her in the company of other celebrity women like Elizabeth Banks, who refers to her surrogate as “an auntie.”

To watch Giuliana struggle so publicly with a want for a child, and then obtain that dream through a proud surrogacy announcement, demonstrates that for some women who have the means, a surrogate is very much a part of that contemporary happy ending.

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