Jerks Ruin Movie For Mom And Son With Autism – Community Saves The Day

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47603_125887994140115_535574_nIn the past I have gone to a movie with my own family at Christmas. It’s a fun way to celebrate the day especially when an awesome family movie like The Muppets is showing, which was what Emily Colson, her stepmom, and her 23-year-old son named Max decided to do. But their fun family outing was ruined by rude and nasty movie goers who just couldn’t find any Christmas spirit in their hearts and got all in a tizzy during the PREVIEWS because Max made some comments about wanting to leave the theater.

Emily knew her son had issues at the beginnings of movies. He usually exclaims that he wants to go home, and she told her stepmom that it takes him a few minutes to adjust. As she expected, Max declared just this and was totally fine by the time the movie started, and happily remarked so when the Muppets appeared on-screen. But the people sitting in the theater found this horribly offensive and made remarks about how the family should leave. From Special Needs Parenting.Net:

“Are you going to make him be quiet?” The older woman next to Patty exploded with aggravation.

Patty leaned toward her and explained, “He is autistic and…”

“I know he is,” the woman shot back as she lunged forward and pounded on her chest. “But why should the rest of us have to suffer.”

“If you don’t make him be quiet,” her husband shouted, “I’m calling the manager!”


Emily left the theater with her stepmom and son and when doing so, a lovely human being called Max a “retard.” Merry Christmas everyone!

This story does have a happy ending, because when a woman named Renee Watson, who has three kids of her own and attends church with Emily heard about this repulsive incident, she hired out a movie theater for Movies With Max, which will screen Muppets Most Wanted on March 27 with an audience of 300 kids with special needs.

I think the entire world needs to come to an agreement that when you are attending an afternoon showing of a family movie, there is bound to be noise, whether by little kids or by others. It isn’t like mom took her son with autism to go see a rated R movie on a Friday night or some other theater time which we all commonly understand is when couples or single adults go to movies. Family movies shown during the day are going to be noisy. Deal with it.

I’m happy that Renee organized this event and it has a happy ending, but come on. We all need to get a little bit kinder and a little bit more compassionate in this world. If you are THAT bothered by the noise someone is making, quietly leave the theater and explain the issue to the manager and ask for a refund. Sheesh.