Husband Accidentally Sells Wife’s $23,000 Engagement Ring For $10 – Oops

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shutterstock_123969748__1371390707_142.196.156.251A husband who accidentally sold his wife’s $23,000 engagement ring for $10 at a garage sale got really lucky when a good samaritan actually returned it. Happy Father’s Day to you! I imagine this weekend would have sucked for you if you didn’t get that back.

His wife had hidden the ring in an old watch box. She admitted to taking the ring off because her fingers were swelling from pregnancy. She was headed to the hospital to give birth to their fifth child and didn’t want her two-year-old twins to find it. Her husband – evidently nesting along with his pregnant wife – was trying to clean the house a little while she was gone and donated some items to a community garage sale. He saw the box and thought someone would want it. He didn’t think to look inside of it to see if it was being used to house something – like the really expensive engagement ring he bought his wife.

A woman who had been given the box by her mother happened to see a news story about the lost ring and emailed the couple. I’d like to think I would do the same thing. I would do the same thing – I’m not a horrible person. But $20,000 sure would come in handy right now. In any case, the couple was really lucky that someone so honest ended up with that ring.

Can you imagine what his Father’s Day would have been like had that thing not been returned? A post-partum woman who had a $23,000 ring basically thrown out would probably not make great company. Maybe I’m just projecting, but I would be pissed. I’ve also never owned something that expensive, so I can’t really empathize with what it would be like to lose it. I can actually empathize with the husband more in this situation, because this is the kind of thing that would totally happen to me.

Happy Father’s Day! I hope that woman got a reward, because she really saved your ass.

(photo: Milos Stojilijkovic/ Shutterstock)