Lauryn Hill Must Feel Massive Mommy Guilt After Inviting Her Son On Stage

Lauryn HillLauryn Hill may be a Grammy-decorated singer and a music industry legend, but that doesn’t mean that the “Everything Is Everything” chanteuse isn’t capable of accruing a massive helping of mommy guilt. What else can the mother of six feel after inviting her son to sing on stage with her — and then watching him break with the pressure?

Lauryn Hill reportedly performed at the Highline Ballroom in New York City, inviting five of her six children to the stage –including her model hopeful Selah. Each of the children apparently took the mic with ease, but  9-year-old John Nesta forgot the words and began to cry. Even Lauryn’s 4-year-old Sarah handled her mini performance well, but little John cracked up in the limelight. Images reveal the kid being consoled by his older sister as well as Lauryn. But who knows how long that searing experience is going to be knocking around in that poor kid’s head — a possibility that would echo louder than any performance for a guilty-feeling mother.

It would appear that even having Lauryn Hill and Bob Marley‘s son for parents doesn’t imbue you with an innately strong enough gut for the stage.

(photo: Johnny Louis/

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