My New Favorite Halloween Costume Belongs To This Reddit ‘Hulk Ballerina’ Because Little Girls Love Superheroes

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dC7uywchLittle kids are the very best. They have no time for your dumb gender constrictive Halloween costumes and they also know exactly what they want, like adorable little two- and-a-half-year-old named Amelie who told her mom that she wanted to be a Hulk Ballerina for Hallowen. Hulk smash! Hulk pirouette! How amazingly cute is she?


Her mom , reddit user Idgelee, posted under the picture that :

From concept to which specific hulk costume, to the color of the tulle for her tutu — she created this costume. You can’t tell from her serious face, but she loves it. She’s being serious because in her words “Bwuce Banneh is sewious too Mommy.”

I love when little girls don’t care about dumb gender stereotypes and love things despite the world trying to shove princesses and kittens down their throats. Not there there is anything wrong with princesses and kittens, I’m a fan of both of these things, but you know what else is awesome? Batman! Spiderman! The Hulk! And this DIY constructed costume is so much cuter than the girl hero costumes that are sold in stores, which are basically a short skirt or dress with the superhero emblem attached and an eye mask. Yawn. Props to Idgelee for helping her daughter realize her Hulk Ballerina dreams for Halloween!


For more little shrimps getting their superhero on, check out the Girls Love Superheros tumblr.

I hope Amelie and all of her crime fighting friends get all of the Halloween candy this year!

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