Halle Berry Is Trying To Rid Herself Of The House Where Her Daughter’s Father & Her Fiancé Brawled

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Considering that Halle Berry had the worst family Thanksgiving ever, what with her daughter’s father, Gabriel Aubry, and her fiancé, Olivier Martinez, breaking out in a physical altercation, a little housekeeping is in order. Or rather house shedding. The mother is understandably looking to dump the property upon which her fiancé served her daughter’s father a black eye and much more.

TMZ reports that Halle has “VERY quietly” put her $15 million dollar Hollywood Hills mansion up for sale. But according to their sources, Halle was thinking of dumping her modest pile of bricks weeks before the property was tarnished with arrests.

The mother has reportedly already received a not too skimpy offer of $11 million. However, she is “holding out for more.”

Between all the picture by picture diagrams depicting where exactly on the 5,900 sq. ft. Tuscan-style estate Halle’s ex and fiancé assaulted one another, Halle’s “for sale” sign sure has been getting lots of eye balls. The actual incident, which both Halle and her daughter’s babysitter witnessed, aside, Halle is looking down the road at quite the parenting stress what with her daughter’s father being arrested. And let us not forget that restraining order Berry has against him.

So despite the five bedrooms, pool, spa, pretty landscaping, and multi-fireplaces, it’s no wonder Halle might have a new incentive to leave it all behind.

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