How Touching: Billy Ray Cyrus Tweets His Approval Of Miley’s Engagement

Well, yesterday we wondered just what Bill Ray Cyrus must think about his 19-year-old daughter getting engaged. Thanks to his Twitter account, we know that Mr. Achey Breaky Heart is thrilled to see his little girl happy.

Concerning Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s exciting news, the proud papa sent out this tweet.

I have to say, the ellipses kind of make me feel like he’s singing to them. Why else would it say, “…and someday know…true love.” What other reason is there for a pause before true love? Dramatic effect, I guess. Are these song lyrics that I don’t know?

One question Billy Ray didn’t answer – whether or not young Liam asked for his daughter’s hand. It may be an antiquated notion, but it definitely still happens. I can completely admit that my husband asked my dad before he proposed. And I was 24-years-old and already a mother.

Either way, it’s nice to see that Miley will have the support of her dad for her relationship. Given the amount of criticism that the young actress’s engagement has sparked, she might need a positive energy on her side.

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