This Trick For Putting A Baby To Sleep In Under A Minute Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day

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baby-sleeps-videoIf you told me seven months ago that cutting off my hand would make a baby sleep through the night, I would have done it and I would have smiled while doing it. But apparently there is an actual trick to getting a baby to go to sleep, and it is much easier and completely adorable.

According to Buzzfeed, new father Nathan Dailo is able to get his three-month-old son, Seth, to go to sleep just by waving a piece of tissue paper over his face. Dailo posted a video of it happening, and it really seems to work. At the beginning, Seth is cooing and burbling, and as Nathan starts putting the tissue over his face he starts smiling sleepily. Then he visibly starts to doze off and finally falls sound asleep with the cutest little baby smile you have ever seen. It is absolutely darling. Even if it only works on Seth, it is still worthwhile to watch the video.

I have it on good authority that this trick does actually work on some babies. Buzzfeed included a poll with their post, and according to those results 5,895 people said they tried it and it worked like magic. 3,758 said they tried it and it did not work. Still, if nearly 6,000 parents say it works, it is definitely worth a try. All you need is a tissue.

I can’t say if it only works on young babies, or if it only works on certain babies, but it does not work on mine, unfortunately. I tried it on my 8-month-old baby, and she grabbed the tissue and fought me with it (she’s always stronger than I expect) and then shoved it in her mouth and threw a fit when I took it away from her, so I don’t think we’ll be having nap time anytime soon.

Still, it’s cute to watch Seth fall asleep instantly. I think I’m living the “sleeping baby” life vicariously.


If you have a baby, please try this and report back on the effects. (And if you want to make a cute video to share with the class, I am certainly not going to stop you.)