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Single This Summer? Get You an Inflatable Hunk for Your Pool Time

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It can be a bit awkward to be single during the summer. All the parties and cook-outs and pool fun, and no one to enjoy it with! I, myself, will be single this summer (and probably every summer, let’s be honest). So I get it. But now, us singles don’t have to mope on the sidelines while everyone else is cuddled up! Allow me to introduce you to the Inflatable Hunk. This pool float man is here to make all your summer dreams come true, and hold your damn beverage, too.

The Inflatable Hunk pool float will wrap you in his plastic arms and keep you safe in the water. Really, he’s the perfect summer boyfriend, what more do you need?

inflatable hunk

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I mean, he’s even thoughtful enough to have a drink holder, so you don’t spill your beer or cocktail in the pool. Fake plastic men are just perfect like that. The Inflatable Hunk measures 2.7 x 2.4 feet when inflated, so his muscly arms are the perfect size. Not too big, not too small. Juuuuuuust right.

Everyone at the pool will be jealous of your Inflatable Hunk. He keeps you afloat, he holds your drink, he doesn’t speak, and he does whatever you command him to do.

inflatable hunk

Image: Amazon

This summer is shaping up to be amazing, with all the new summer fun products on the market.

If you don’t have a pool, who cares! I suppose you can just strap on (ha!) your hunk and wear him as you lounge on the patio while you watch your kiddos play in the giant unicorn sprinkler. Then there’s the amazing Little Mermaid collection from Shop Disney. And now that science has stepped up and told us to drink gin and tonics to help with hay fever, there’s really no reason to stay indoors!

You can buy your own Inflatable Hunk on Amazon. Happy summer to you and your plastic man!

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