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Homophobe Attacks Man For Wearing A Pink Shirt Because, AMERICA!

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An angry homophobe was caught on video at Dallas/Fort Worth airport attacking a man who had the nerve to wear a pink shirt. This man’s crack detective work determined that this must mean the pink shirt-wearer is gay and therefore, deserved his brand of freak-show, vigilante justice. Luckily, the crowd intervened and airport police came to restrain this lunatic but not before he got a chance to tell the world exactly why he felt justified in what he did.

Yes, someone caught this whole mess on video and posted it. Huffington Post describes the scene noting that the crowd sprang into action to stop him. It really is worth a watch- made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to see everyone watching jump to this poor man’s defense (video is NSFW):

[youtube_iframe id=”XxWimFepdn4″]

In case you aren’t able to watch the video and still want to roll your eyes, here are some highlights (language below is NSFW):

Before the fight, the man in the cowboy hat tries to intervene.

“What are you upset about?” he asks.

“Queers is what I’m upset about!” the homophobic man shouts, gesturing wildly at a traveler wearing a pink shirt. “This faggot right here.”

Then, as shown in the video, he kicks and hits the traveler in the pink shirt as the crowd springs into action.

So basically, the homophobe decided that wearing a pink shirt equals gay and that he just couldn’t stand the sight of it so attacking the guy was the logical next step. My God. The fact that we still have people who feel this way in 2014 disturbs me deeply. It gets even better, though:

Once the ranting man is pinned down, airport police take over.

At one point, the suspect smiles and laughs while he lies on the ground as the officers cuff him. At another, he apparently tries to explain himself.

“Let me tell you the reason why I did it: Because this is America, that’s why,” he tells the two black officers, adding something that sounds like “the same reason you get to live and breathe and walk black.”

Wow. So, he is a homophobe AND a racist. He certainly covers his bigoted bases in this little rant, doesn’t he? And may I say, “because this is America”, people stepped in to defend the man he attacked and that makes me very proud. I prefer to focus on the positive reaction of many rather than the idiotic actions and ramblings of one awful person.

I wonder when the world’s garbage humans will get smart enough to realize that 80% of us have phones with video cameras at the ready whenever we are out in public? The man’s name has not been released but it’s only a matter of time before it surfaces. So, because of this one rant, whatever career he had is likely going to be over and he will be branded a homophobic racist for the rest of his life. Maybe these awful people should start asking themselves if standing up for their “beliefs” is worth it considering the long-term implications of letting the world know just how horrible they are. Something tells me they will never be evolved enough to think that way….or to care what everyone else thinks when they spout their baseless hatred. In the meantime, let’s focus on the fact that everyone around him recognized that he was in the wrong. I have to keep my faith in humanity somehow, despite so much evidence that humanity can really suck.

(Image: YouTube)