This Store Owner’s Mission To Help A Plus Size Teen Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

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Plus size prom dress search Designer Diva Sign

Dress shopping for a formal event can be tough, especially when you fall outside of the “standard” dress sizes. Kristin Harris, owner of The Designer Diva’s Consignment Boutique in Massachusetts: understands this, and was heartbroken to see a plus size teenager crying in her dressing room, because she was unable to find a flattering size-22 dress for prom, so she decided to do something about it via social media. Though she was moved and wanted to help, Harris didn’t manage to catch the girl’s name before she let her shop.

“After she left I was just. . . my mother broke down and I broke down and there were a couple of other parents in here. And I just thought, I wish I followed her outside.”

Harris could have left it at that, but she decided to take to Facebook to rectify the situation:


Harris followed up by asking her customers to help in the plus size prom dress search:

“Ladies, please share this status with everyone! I’m begging for plus size prom dresses sizes 20+…I just had the most beautiful little girl in here and could not find her size, I want her to look like a princess. . . please please bring in your plus size prom dresses.”

I think it goes without saying that this was an incredibly generous move on Harris’ part. Obviously her shop depends on sales to survive, so for her to ask for donations to help this kid out is as classy as it gets. Thankfully Harris’ efforts paid off. Within hours she had dozens of responses from people willing to donate dresses. According to one customer:

“I think it’s great. Being a plus size person myself trying to find consignment clothes, trying to find clothes, there’s not enough available.”

Thanks to Facebook, Harris managed to track down the teen, who is stopping by the shop Monday to pick out her gown.

I’m sure there are more than a few trolls who are going to say carrying larger sizes encourages obesity and unhealthy lifestyles, but I call bullshit. Like it or not, there will always be plus size women, and the sooner the fashion industry provides more options for them, the better. Considering that the number of people considered plus size is growing in the US, I think if nothing else this is simply good business. Regardless, the overwhelming support for this teen is heartwarming and definitely restores my faith in humanity (at least for the day).

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