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A High-Pressure Passion Party Is The Last Place You Want To Buy A Dildo

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After being invited to approximately one billion Mary Kay parties, you can do nothing to convince me that MLM marketing is a friendly venture. I hate pyramid scheme business structures with a passion, especially when targeted to moms in need of part-time income.

Speaking of passion, this brings us to the holy trifecta of skeevy home business parties: Passion Parties, where wine, sex toys, and awkwardness become one.

I have not been to a Passion Party, and there are several reasons why I will never go. Long ago, I was invited to a few of these parties through work friends. At the time, I turned down the invites because I was a “super pure” virgin in my early 20s.

Fast-forward to modern day, and I’m still not down with the Passion Party. I’m not opposed to sex toys and tons of fun in the bedroom. I am opposed to overbearing sales tactics, awkward wine and cheese parties, and most of all, friends selling to friends.


The MLM Momtrepreneur phenomenon is one that is oh-so-annoying and will truly destroy friendships, especially considering the relentless Facebook promotion. I’m often invited to a number of sales parties that I am fortunately unable to attend because, children. I was shocked to get invited to a “virtual” mascara party in a Facebook group, which basically meant that one of my friends invited me to a private group to SELL TO ME. I still never figured out where the virtual party came into play.

Passion Parties are even worse when you factor sex toys into the equation. I will happily buy toys for the bedroom in an adult store or online, where I have plenty of time to browse and make a personal decision. I can’t think of anything less sexy than buying a dildo under the watchful eye of a Passion Party consultant who tries to upsell you on nipple cream and Kegel balls. Nooooo, thanks.

I wish I could say that the MLM trend is on the way out, but it looks like it will never die, as long as these businesses are able to convince unsuspecting moms that they can make tons of cash as a part-time consultant. Maybe there are people who legitimately have fun these parties, but I’m not one of them. I’ll save my sexy purchases for the Internet.