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10 Perfect Responses To Your Pushy, Pyramid-Scheme Momtrepreneur Friend

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Repeat after me, the momtrepreneur is not your friend. She may look like your friend and may still have the same basic body shape as your friend, but she has been body snatched by a multilevel marketing scheme.

I know there are some women who swear by the whole momtrepreneur business-opportunity-Mary-Kay-Passion-Party line of work, but I will remain skeptical until the day I die. I can’t tell you how many friends I have seen sign up for an MLM “business venture,” only to lose money, lose friends, and experience disappointment down the road.

I’m open to success stories, but I have yet to hear them. In the many, many years that I have gone to home MLM parties, like Pampered Chef and Tupperware, I have yet to see a friend make gobs of money and earn a pink Cadillac. This is precisely why I refuse to host any such party in my own home and will never, ever sign up for an MLM business venture that requires a substantial investment, even if my life depended on it.

A momtrepreneur can be hard to shake, especially when she is so hell-bent on recruiting you to join her company to increase her “bottom line.” If you learn to shut down a momtrepreneur gracefully, maybe, just maybe, you can salvage your friendship. No guarantees.

Here are 10 of the best responses to a pushy MLM mom friend trying to peddle her crap:

1. Oh… I never got your email.

2. I meant to RSVP to the Facebook group, but I was so BUSY.

3. I’ll think about it.

4. I’ll call you. No, I’ll call you.

5. I’m BROKE.

6. Tell me more about your tax write-offs.

7. I tried to tell you nicely, I’m just not interested.

8. Can we talk about something else? PLEASE?

9. So you want me to sign up to work for you to help make you more money?

10. I miss our friendship. Don’t you?

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