High School Turns Local Funeral Home Into Haunted House, and a Lot of People Are Completely Furious

Halloween is time for haunted houses. Some people don’t like haunted houses, but a lot of people love them. Teenagers in particular seem to be big haunted house fans, and that’s great. People don’t really let teenagers go trick-or-treating anymore, and haunted houses are a fun thing they can do. Otherwise what are all these big, underage kids supposed to do on Halloween, sit around and study for the SATs and think about how hard-working Baby Boomers all were? Well one high school decided to throw a giant haunted house as a graduation fundraiser, and they even got a former local funeral home to host them. But now a whole ton of local residents are furious.

According to WYMT, a Rogersville, Missouri, building that once housed the Preston-Marsh funeral home agreed to let the local Logan-Rogersville High School use the empty space for a haunted house called the Rogersville Horror Story. The haunted house is a fundraiser intended to plan a graduation night event for the seniors. (In large part to keep kids from drinking on graduation night and getting hurt.)

That all sounds pretty cool, except some locals say it’s disrespectful to hold a haunted house in a place where many townspeople have said goodbye to loved ones.

””¦As for the owners of the building, I’ll never purchase anything from them ever again,” one resident said on the event’s Facebook page. “They have disrespected family that said their final goodbyes in that building, where families grieved and now you’re having a haunted house and in a building that we all spent time in may not been the best time but it was to say goodbye to loved ones.”

Rogersville is a small town, and that means a lot of people there have been to the Preston-Marsh funeral home. Anyone who has lost someone has probably grieved there at some point. But the building has not been a funeral home for years. It’s been for sale for a while, and now it’s scheduled to be demolished. Before it’s knocked down, the owners said the school could use it.

The students are planning on using some of the stuff left behind in the funeral home as props. The place still has tables and hoists and things with stickers that say “human remains” on them. It’s pretty creepy. But it’s a haunted house, and it’s supposed to be creepy.

A lot of residents seem to love the idea, while others say it’s disgusting, tasteless and disrespectful. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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