Soccer Moms Trolled Mercilessly After Accidentally Adding a Stranger to Their Group Text

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Group texts and chats make it really easy to organize events with a big group of people. Unfortunately, human error exists. Sometimes, a person gets added to the group text who is not supposed to be there.

Not long ago some old classmates of mine were trying to arrange a middle-school reunion on Facebook, and someone mistakenly added a woman who had my exact name. She lived in our home town and whoever was arranging the reunion thought she was me. That strange woman was not pleased to suddenly be in a big Facebook message group with a bunch of strangers trying to plan a 20-year reunion for a Catholic middle school, and she was just like, “Take me off this list.” That’s understandable, but everyone totally thought it was me being rude and snappish to everybody.

By that point someone had added the real me to the group, and I watched the whole thing go down like, “Oh crap, everyone thinks that’s me!” It did all work out in the end, with just a minor amount of embarrassment for me. Now I realize I got extremely lucky, because the other me could easily have taken the opportunity to troll the hell out of the group, like one woman did recently when she was mistakenly added to a group text for a group of local soccer moms.

According to Cafe Mom, Christi Rantis Lally is a makeup artist who does not have kids. One day, her number got added to a mom group from a local children’s soccer team. Instead of telling them they had the wrong number, she started bragging that her fictional kid was the best one on the team.

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