24 Legit Ways You Can Help A Friend After Their Baby Comes

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Offer To Stay Overnight

woman sleeping

Image: iStock / ariwasabi

If you want to make a big sacrifice, offer to lose some of your own precious sleep to help out overnight. If the new mama is interested, you can stay with them overnight a time or two and help in whatever way you can with those middle-of-the-night feeds. A breastfeeding mom might just appreciate the company and having someone to help sort the little one’s sleep latch. A formula feeder, meanwhile, might take you up on the offer to get a longer chunk of uninterrupted sleep while you completely handle a feeding or two. A pumping mama might appreciate shorter night wakings as you feed while she pumps more milk for the next feed. There’s no right or wrong here. Feed the baby, feed the mom, help her get more sleep, or help her simply get back to sleep sooner. Whatever you can do will be helpful.

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