Make Fun Of Gwyneth Paltrow All You’d Like, She Was The Coolest Mom Ever On New Year’s Eve

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gwyneth paltrowGwyneth Paltrow, in all her GOOPy glory, catches plenty of flack from the parenting blogosphere. Her perfect image and holier-than-thou tone just begs to be snarked at. But it’s hard to deny that Paltrow and her husband Chris Martin were just about the coolest parents to ever live on New Year’s Eve this year.

Martin was performing with close family friend, Jay-Z, during a New Year’s Eve concert. And while some parents would have kept the kiddos at home with a sitter, Paltrow and her husband decided to let the little ones join in the celebration. In fact, it looks like Apple and her brother Moses got to be part of the entertainment, dancing on stage with their dad and a friend, their mom encouraging them just a few feet off stage.

Gwyneth didn’t choose between a party and a nice, homey family night. Video shows her sipping on champagne and dancing while her kids provide a refreshing bit of adorableness to the show. The mom even encourages her daughter to get in the groove.

Listen, I thought my mom was awesome for letting three of my friends and me have an insanely small glass of champagne at midnight when we were in high school. Personally, I’m the mom who tricks her 4-year-old into thinking it’s midnight at 9:00. Gwyneth Paltrow is the mom who brings her kids to an amazing concert and dances with them on stage. Even if that was an option for my evening, I would have left the kids at home.

Tomorrow, we can all go back to disparagingly rolling our eyes at Paltrow’s newsletters and colonics recommendations. Today, I think we have to acknowledge that was way cooler than most of us on New Year’s Eve. She danced. She took her kids to an awesome concert. She was generally way more exciting and awesome than any mom I know. Hats off to you, Gwynnie.

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(Photo: Sean Thorton/WENN)