I Have Not Received One Invitation To An Ultrasound Party That All Of You Hip Moms-To-Be Are Having

shutterstock_111286868No one told me that ultrasound parties are a thing now! You guys are all having these ultrasound parties where you hire ultrasound technicians to come to your house and show all of your guests your unborn children (or should I say “pre-born” children?) and possibly serving yummy cupcakes and I have not been invited to a single one. I’m not sure if this is a brave new world in extreme over-sharing or a trend that could go horribly wrong, but Today.com is now reporting that it is an actual thing:

Licensed ultrasound techs Teena Gold and Christy Foster, both members of the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography, perform 3D/4D ultrasound weeknights and Saturdays around northwest Arkansas. The pair founded Baby Face and More as soon as they could afford a high-quality mobile ultrasound machine of their own. Now they charge $100-$350 to help parents indulge their craving for another glimpse of baby. Guests optional.

”Gender reveal is probably the bulk of our work,” Gold said, referring to parties where parents and guests find out the gender of the unborn baby together in real time.

The Enderles weren’t going for a dramatic moment; they already knew they were expecting a boy. This party was about getting a longer, less-hurried look.

”It’s more of an experience and less of an in-and-out procedure,” said Gold, pointing out that medical ultrasound often does not allow parents to savor the wonder of the life growing inside them.

”This way gets you out of that clinic setting,” added Foster.

Whatever the parents’ motivation, the ultrasound  party trend appears to be spreading. From California to Florida, services like Peek a View and Miracles Imaging help expectant parents turn a procedure into a party.

Looking at the Peek A View website, these viewing parties cost $350 and up. What I want to know is what happens is the technician can’t hear the baby heartbeat or else something is horribly wrong with the fetus and you discover this in front of all of your family and friends? That seems to me like it would totally ruin the whole “party” atmosphere. And call me old-fashioned, but I always thought ultrasounds were sort of a private affair where you were accompanied by your partner or a family member, and not in the middle of your dining room surrounded by cousins you barely see and people you work with, getting ultrasound gel squatted on your stomach while people chomp on mini-quiches. Maybe this is a start of a new 2013 trend and ultrasound parties will become the hot new thing and everyone will be having them, but I’m not sure I’d actually want to go to one, even if there are cupcakes served. Babies are adorable, but I sort of like the ones who are living outside of their moms more than the ones who are still inside. I think I’d rather wait to meet a new baby after it has been born.

(photo: bikeriderlondon /shutterstock)

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