Poor Hilaria Baldwin Is Trying So Hard To Passive-Aggressively Let Alec Know That His Baby Name Sucks

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hilaria baldwinAlec Baldwin and his new wife Hilaria just announced their happy news, the addition of a new little Baldwin to the family. But is sounds like not everything is right in the happy home. Poor Hilaria is trying to let her hubby know that his chosen baby name really sucks. And she’s doing it through a People magazine interview, which might just be the most amusing bit of celebrity passive-aggressiveness I’ve ever seen.

Hilaria told the mag that even though the couple won’t find out their baby’s gender for a few weeks, she has a sneaking suspicion that the ultrasound tech will be pointing out a tell-tale something between her little one’s legs. (She thinks she’s carrying a boy, in case I made that obtuse enough.) And if her guess is correct, the mommy-to-be is less than thrilled about her husband’s chosen baby name.

“[Alec] had the idea for Massimo the other day. It’s a lovely name, I just don’t know,” she says. “That’s a very big name for a very little baby.”

“I think you actually have to look at it once it pops out and say, ‘Who are you? What is your name?’”

Hahahaha! You want to know why I find this whole exchange so amusing? Because I imagine Alec going around, proudly telling people, “We’re thinking of Massimo!” He wants to get everyone excited and telling Hilaria what an adorable name it is, even though he knows she’s not a fan.

Hilaria, on the the other hand, is whispering to her friends, “He wants to name is Massimo…” and she’s scouring the internet for better names, any name but that one.

It’s the baby name war! It’s what happens when two very decisive parents settle on two different choices. And I find the whole thing so wonderfully adorable. It’s adorable because once the baby gets here and the name is written down, both parents will most likely smile and coo and talk about how perfect the name was all along. But until then, there’s going to be a lot of sly and not-so-sly hints. Since we’re talking about celebrities, those less-subtle parts of the baby name battle get to happen in tabloid interviews.

No matter what this little one is named, he or she is going to have a beautiful mother and a famous father and enough swagger to pull off whatever name his or her parents come up with. Until then, I can’t wait to hear what Alec wants to name a girl.

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