Greenwich Village Bomb Mom Heads To Rehab And Still Hasn’t Seen Her Baby Yet, Koa Beck Refuses To Smell Apartment For Me

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shutterstock_113144194Finally! Finally we have some news on Greenwich Village Bomb Mom, the moniker I have coined for Morgan Gliedman. Gliedman is the rich girl who had explosives and guns and empty heroin bags scattered around her apartment when police took her into custody and she thwarted their efforts by going into labor. Now she is out on $150,000 bail, wearing an ankle monitoring bracelet, and headed to rehab, according to the New York Post:

The shell-shocked-looking new mom — who cops have called an admitted heroin addict — was brought to court in handcuffs, and wearing a loose-fitting dark brown knit dress. She must also wear a monitoring anklet during the pendency of her case, Manhattan Criminal Court Justice Robert Mandelbaum ruled.

She has been charged with first degree criminal possession of explosives.

Today was the first post-arrest — and postpartum — appearance for the pretty Gliedman, 27, who had been busted two Saturdays ago, along with her sweetheart and baby-daddy, Aaron Greene, 31, the son of a prominent architectural restorer.

According to news reports, Gliedman’s newborn daughter Melody is being cared for by Morgan’s parents, and Morgan still hasn’t seen her daughter yet. Sad! Just because police find drugs and guns and explosives and books entitled  “The Do It Yourself Submachine Gun” in your apartment, which also has a vermin problem and is reported to smell really bad, doesn’t mean you are an unfit mother. Speaking of the apartment smelling bad, I have been begging my boss Koa Beck to go over and actually smell this apartment, but thus far she is either too lazy or else extremely frightened. I’m trying to investigate this story as fully as I can for you people, and finding out how the apartment actually smells is extremely important to this case. I’m going to get the Gloss girls on it, I’m sure they will be happy to go sniff this apartment for me and see if there are actually rats residing in it.

Because we do not have the rights to the photographs, all of you Bomb Mom news addicts can hop on over to the Daily Fail Mail and look at the most recent photographs of Morgan Gliedman and her baby daddy Aaron Greene, who looks so different without his facial hair!  Morgan looks a bit pale, but pretty, and Aaron looks like he should be played by Adrien Brody when they finally make the movie about this case. Then you can also look at this squirrel wearing party hats. 

This is such a bizarre story and I do feel bad for Morgan not seeing her daughter yet, because various news sources claim she was not using drugs during her pregnancy. But as we all decided earlier, you should not have a newborn baby around bomb making supplies. Even though we all have our own personal bad mother moments, I think we can all agree that we do not keep 7 grams of explosives in the baby nursery.

(photo: Ermolaev Alexander  /shutterstock)