Patti Labelle Sued For Allegedly Screaming At Toddler, Throwing Water In Her Face

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We all expect divas to act, well, diva-esque at times. That’s their shtick, after all. But we hardly expect a grown woman to scream at a little girl, throw water in her face and then throw a punch at the child’s mother – which is precisely what R&B legend Patti Labelle is accused of doing.

A New York City mom is suing LaBelle for allegedly berating her and her 18-month-old daughter, Genevieve, in the lobby of the Donald Trump-owned apartment building where they all lived last November. According to ABC News, Roseanna and Richard Monk filed a lawsuit this week claiming that LaBelle screamed at Roseanna Monk while her daughter walked around the lobby.

The Monk’s lawyer, Samuel L. Davis, told ABC News that LaBelle approached Roseanna, a kindergarten teacher, and said, “Do you know what your daughter is doing?” and “What are you doing letting your kid run around like that?” (implying that she was misbehaving). Roseanna replied, “Lady, mind your own business,” which apparently threw LaBelle into a total rage.

David explained that LaBelle, who’s a mother of five, started “cursing and screaming,” then proceeded to fling water from a bottle she was holding at both Roseanna and her daughter. The little girl started “crying violently” and eventually vomited. Then, when Roseanna said, “Look what you did to my daughter,” LaBelle lunged at her, tried to punch her and had to be restrained by her entourage. The Monks are now suing for unspecified damages (with proceeds going to a children’s charity, according to Davis).

In June, a U.S. Military Academy cadet sued LaBelle over an incident with her bodyguards, claiming they attacked him unprovoked. LaBelle then counter-sued, accusing him of trying to get into her limousine and using racial and sexual slurs.

Of course, the big question in this particular toddler case is whether it’s all true or not, or whether some of the facts have been exaggerated. We obviously have no way of knowing exactly what went on that day but, if even a fraction of it is true, then wow. I mean, really, wow. Who behaves this way?!

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