Epic 52-Year-Old Grandmother Delivers Twins For Her Daughter As Gestational Carrier, No Sweat

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pink socksOnce upon a time, I thought mommy-daughter womb transplants were the ultimate mindfuck as I contemplated daughters using the uterus that they grew in to grow their mother’s grandchildren (follow that?). But 53-year-old Susie Kozisek didn’t even have to bother forking over her uterus as she just offered to actually carry her grandchildren for her daughter Ashley. No biggie! Chalk it all up to a mother’s need to help her children any way she can. reports that Susie welcomed twins Hallee and Hadlee some three weeks ago, at the age of 52, after a pregnancy described as “uneventful.” Susie is reportedly a mother to four full grown children. Her daughter Ashley has been diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension, and therefore cannot carry. Susie volunteered to be a gestational carrier for her daughter, and her doctors agreed that it was safe to push on ahead:

“I just felt really privileged and honored to be able to help,” Kozisek said. “I think everybody would do whatever they can do for their children.”

Kozisek, who also lives in rural Ventura, remained healthy throughout the pregnancy, working as a legal secretary in Clear Lake until the week before the twins were born by Caesarean section.

Ashley was present at the birth.

“Everything they tell you can happen because you’re older — diabetes, high blood pressure — didn’t happen,” Kozisek said. “I was never under restrictions, never on bed rest.”

She said she was determined that it would work and it did.

This isn’t even Susie’s first time around stepping in to carry her grandchildren. She reportedly also carried Ashley eldest daughter, 2-year-old Harper, who was born in 2011. Just. Amazing.

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