Jennifer Aniston Wore A Coat In December So Clearly She’s Pregnant

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Jennifer Aniston has a big sparkly engagement ring from Justin Theroux which predictably led to a new rash of –what else — but signature Jennifer Aniston Pregnant Rumors 2.0. But since that lull, in which the actress has yet follow up that nuptial news with obligatory BABY news, the tabloids have fallen back in their old misogynistic habits of watching her every flowy top, every wrinkle of fabric, and now — every big winter coat — for pregnancy clues. The liberties these people take with women’s bodies, I tell you.

Jen, at least they haven’t hurled the new “pregnancy face” bit at you yet.

Jennifer’s latest pregnancy tip off is that she was wearing a coat. A big coat! In December of all things. Granted, she was bumming around Los Angeles in said big coat but, as a Los Angeles native, I can promise you such clothing practices do happen. Check out this swift backhanded comment on Jen’s “fuller figure,” couched in “baby bump” anticipation:

The Friends actress has now sent rumour mills into overdrive after stepping out in an oversized jacket seemingly covering up a fuller figure and possible baby bump.

Couple that with news that Jen didn’t down booze and sushi during a recent “intimate” engagement party — and that she’s reportedly pulling out of some 2013 film roles — and people’s imaginations really run away with them. Suddenly she’s clearly knocked up and has “cleared her schedule” to be full-time mother.

Jennifer’s publicist has reportedly been hassled about these “big coat suspicions,” but has yet to utter a word in response.

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