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25 Signs That You Are About To Go Into Labor

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There are many strange and surprising elements of pregnancy. But when you get to the last two weeks, there are a few tip offs that help you realize this baby is coming out of you really soon.

25. You’ve become the most popular person in the elevator.
woman opening elevator

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24. Seriously, everyone wants to talk about your baby. Or touch your belly.
woman touching pregnant belly

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23. Women have started telling you all of their horrible labor stories. In terrifying detail.
cartoon of pregnant woman with quadruplets

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22. Toddlers walk faster than you.
slow sign

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21. Going outside makes you out of breath.
wide load sign uphill

20. You’ve stopped drinking anything but water. Because it’s not worth the acid reflux.
pregnant women should not drink alcohol sign

19. On the subway, people excitedly offer you seats. Where were they three months ago?
nice woman on the subway
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18. You can’t stop thinking about all the awkward places your water could break.
water splash
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17. That is, when you’re not actually on your way to the bathroom.
pregnant bathroom sign
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16. Construction workers love you. (PS: Probably because your boobs are HUGE)
construction worker thumbs up
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