Grandmas Who Don’t Want To Be Called Grandma Need A Big Slice Of Humble Pie

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We never had a grandma issue in our family, as far as the official title goes. My mom is called “Grandma” or “Grandma Robin.” My mother-in-law is just called “Grandma.”

Both my mother and mother-in-law were perfectly fine with their promotion to grandmother. It probably helped that, on my mom’s side at least, there were already other grandkids in the mix.

But some middle-aged ladies aren’t too keen on the official Grandma title:

Ok, so my MIL keeps signing cards to DS as “Mom Mom.”  How do I delicately approach the subject that she needs to pick a different name to be calling herself?   I’m Mom, Momma, Mommy, etc. She’s the grandmother. I don’t want DS (who will be 4 months on Saturday) to get confused as he is learning names, nor do I ever want to ever hear him calling her “Mom.” DH will not discuss the subject with MIL because, basically, he never wants to offend her and lets her get away with everything.

My mother doesn’t want to be called grandma or granny she keeps saying MaMa or Mama and her first name!!!…. She also keeps saying that she hopes the baby looks like her and referring to my child as her child and I cant stand it!!!….

My mother, on the other hand, promptly announced that she would NEVER. IN. HER. LIFE. be called anything like “Grandma” or “Gami” or “Nana” or whatever. I was startled by this, as she loves children and I always assumed she would be happy to be a grandparent. She said she was too young, and any children I have will call her “Aunt.”

I guess I could understand a grandma who wanted a different, clever nickname, like Mimi. Maybe some women don’t want to feel old just yet or have never liked the sound of “Granny.”

But the other ladies in the forum posts above…? I don’t even know where to start. If either of my kids’ grandmothers wanted to be called a variation of “Mom” or “Aunt,” I would probably lose my shit. It sounds like the grandmothers in the stories above have far overstepped their bounds. Not only are they confusing their grandchildren, but they are being downright disrespectful.

No matter my age, I won’t have any problem being called “Grandma” when the time comes. Though it sounds cheesy, you’re only as old as you feel. If a specific title, like “Grandma,” makes you feel old, sad, and outdated, there are probably bigger issues you need to deal with first.