Goodbye Mommyish, Sorry I Killed America

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kitten-kittenwavinglookingverysadbyI hate goodbyes pretty much more than anything. Whenever anyone leaves me or I have to leave people I almost always burst into tears and grab the door jamb and refuse to actually say goodbye, so I will do it here like I do in real life, I will say see you later. Because I will, totally! I will see you all later, but today is my last day as EIC of Mommyish and I’m taking this opportunity to say see you later. And I’m sorry I killed America. And I’m sorry for all the random typos. And I’m sorry we never got to all rent a house somewhere for a giant Mommyish retreat where we imitated sanctimommies in real life over many cocktails.

Man, but there were many a day I felt like we did actually do that, and as much as I’ll miss working with all my awesome co-workers and under the direction of the amazingly brilliant Meghan Keane , I’m going to miss you readers more than anything. I have written some good stuff for Mommyish. I have selected and edited some pretty amazing feature articles for you all to enjoy. But the thing I am most proud about during my tenure here is the community we have built together. Because just like a 1985 Bernie Taupin song recorded by a band that had to change their name when they switched their lineup, we built this city, not on rock and roll, but on diaper changing techniques, the pros and cons of co-sleeping, Douchebag Dudebrosâ„¢, intense circumcision arguments (20,000 nerve endingssssss!!!!!) and open threads where we rhapsodized about everything from temper tantrums to the pros and cons of cooking with cilantro.

We have had a lot of fun.

And you know what I hear most often after a new writer submits an article to me and it is published on Mommyish?


I don’t know what sort of magic has gone on since I have started working here, but I can say in all sincerity that the Mommyish community is the best.  I hear it all the time, from other editors, from writers, from my mom who calls me on the regular to tell me how much she loves each of you and knows most of you by your screen name. You guys are all amazingly intelligent, thoughtful, considerate, and hilariously funny. Trust me, I will still be lurking around here to join you in the comments.

I have so many people to thank, my co-workers -Maria, Bethany, Theresa, Frances, Julia and our newest addition Val, our feature writers including my girl Blair who always makes us laugh cry with STFU, the other editors and writers for our sister sites who not only make me a better writer but who send me the very best Skypes daily, our legal team who has worked tirelessly to keep me out of hot water, my bosses Jenni and Meghan who have taught me so much and made me better at my job, and most of all you guys, who have made every day at Mommyish pretty much the best job anyone could ever ask for.

You can still find me on Twitter where I’ll be re-tweeting my hate messages on the reg, and at the website where I’ll be acting as the new parenting editor. Please continue sending in those feature pitches to [email protected] and submissions for anonymous mom!

Thank you guys. Really. See you later.

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