Beyonce Could Be Exaggerating Her Bump Instead Of Faking Pregnancy

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The internet is still buzzing with speculation regarding the peculiar footage of Beyonce‘s bump deflating upon taking a seat during an Australian interview. And while Bey’s publicist has even been forced to speak up on the matter of the pregnancy’s being fake, there is always the possibility that the performer is enhancing her tummy for public appearances.

Yesterday, ABC news reported that Beyonce’s spokesperson described the accusations of wearing a prosthetic as “stupid, ridiculous and false.”

The Grammy winner could always be opting for surrogate, but if she really is with child, sitting in front of audiences with a big tummy is exactly what they want to see. Don’t let those big brown Bambi eyes fool you. Beyonce is a shrewd business woman known for multiple succesful endorsements, perfume and clothing campaigns, and now just in time for her pregnancy — a maternity line. Beyonce could very well be padding that bump for her career, giving the paparazzi and public the big belly they want to see on red carpets, magazine covers, and TV interviews.

Daily Mail reports that online bloggers accused the singer of wearing padding during her dramatic unveiling of her pregnancy at the MTV Music Video Awards. Although they did not doubt that they singer was with child, the padding was intended to make the announcement more dramatic.

Getting a little prosthetic in there could also keep away those pesky rumors about her weight. You know the trajectory. If a pregnant woman in the public eye doesn’t pack on the pounds quickly, the assumption immediately turns to “mommyrexia” or bizarre pregnancy diets to stay slim while also carrying a baby.

Aside from that one comment from a spokesperson, the singer has remained mum on all accusations.