16 Amazing ‘Golden Girls’ Products Off Etsy That You Need In Your Life Now

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Your walls could definitely use a bit more Golden Girls.

Listen, you’re a grown-up. You have your own money and can make your own choices. So what’s stopping you from hanging Golden Girls prints on your walls? Nothing, that’s what. These colorful prints are available from Etsy shop RisaRocksIt, and you have a lot of printing and size options. You can get a single print of one character starting as low as $6 for a 5 x 5 print. Or you can get a 10 x 10 group print for $16. Even better, you can get all four individual characters to hang gallery-style, starting at $19 for a set of four in 5 x 5. Each print is square, and while they don’t come framed, you can find some cheap frames on Amazon.

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