Wear Your Sign On Your Nails With Zodiac-Inspired Polish

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mystic mani

Image: Love by Luna

Whether you’re a firm believer in astrology or not, you have to admit that it’s pretty interesting. Do we think that every single Cancer or Aquarius is exactly the same? Of course not! But it is hard to ignore some of the similarities you have with your Zodiac sign. Even if those similarities make you a bit uncomfortable! Let’s be honest – sometimes we read a horoscope and it hits a little too close to home, if you know what we mean. Regardless of where you fall on the belief spectrum, you probably embrace about your sign from time to time. Or maybe you blame it, along with Mercury rising and the full moon. Either way, your sign is your sign, so you might as well rock it! What better way to do that than with Zodiac nails? You’re going to love this Mystic Mani polish from Love by Luna.

Mystic Mani polish is a line of crystal-infused nail polishes from Love by Luna. They’ve got all the signs, plus a couple for that lovely lunar cycle.

Image: Love by Luna

The line of Mystic Mani polishes are designed for your specific sign. In addition, each polish contains micronized crystal to “encourage personal growth and healing”. Listen, we are always up for some personal growth and healing, we don’t even care where it comes from. But when we can get AND have pretty hands and feet? We are all for it.

The line includes a different polish for each Zodiac sign, plus one for new moon and full moon. They also have a gorgeous polish inspired by Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year, deep violet. The Numinous x Love by Luna shade was created in collaboration with cosmic lifestyle platform, The Numinous. Aside from being an absolutely gorgeous polish, 10% of all sales of this color will be donated to LIFE Camp, Inc., an anti-violence and youth mentorship alliance in Queens, NY.

Love by Luna was sweet enough to send us a bottle of Mystic Mani for Cancers, and we have to say, we are in love.

Image: Mommyish

First of all, shout-out to our fellow Crabby Gals, heeeeeeeey! The Mystic Mani for Cancers is a beautiful pale powder blue, in honor of Cancer’s sensitive, nurturing side. And obviously, as a water sign, the color choice makes sense! The Cancer nail polish contains micronized moonstone, which helps bring balance and healing to our over-the-top emotions. Love by Luna says this shade will suit anyone with a sun, moon, ascendant, or Venus in cancer, so they have us all covered. As far as usability, it went on really well, but the paleness of this particular shade required 2-3 coats to even out the streaks, so just a heads up.

You can find your own Mystic Mani Zodiac polish shade on the Love by Luna website. We’re going to be sticking with our Cancer polish through spring and summer, but that black New Moon is definitely calling our name, too.