George Clooney’s Sister Comes Out Of Nowhere To Randomly Comment On His Sexuality

George Clooney GaySexuality rumors seem pretty much a given in Hollywood circles, and so you would assume that any family would just let that tabloid-y nonsense just roll off their backs. But not 52-year-old Adelia Zeidler, who gave her first interview to comment on –what else — bust those pesky George Clooney gay rumors.

From her Kentucky home, stay-at-home mother Adelia says the rumor is “ridiculous” and that her little brother’s apparent disinterest in marriage has no reflection on his sexuality (and why should it?)– but rather the demands of his work:

“I think he decided that in his life he could have the career or he could have a family and so when he decided to go full bore into the acting, that was where his focus was going to be.”

She further expounds on George’s lady history, going all the way back to his high school days:

“Well he had several girlfriends when he was going to high school down here. Never more than one at a time, he’s not that kind of guy. But he would go out with someone for a few months and then go out with someone else for a few months. He had longer hair in high school, it was more blonde, it didn’t really get dark until he was about 16 or so. And he was always very funny and girls like to laugh. I think he was always pretty fair and honest with the girls he went out with. I don’t recall any of them feeling as though he had just broken their heart and dumped them unexpectedly, I think most of the relationships came to a kind of natural close. I don’t recall any angry phone calls or anything like that.”

Despite that little jaunt down Clooney’s teenage dating history, Adelia maintains that her younger brother most likely won’t be shopping for any rings for Ms. Stacy Keibler either, his current squeeze. Condolences to Us Weekly, People, and all the rest. But thanks for the totally random update on all that, Adelia! Now what are your thoughts on Joe Simpson

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