Seriously PETA? Group Asks Honey Boo Boo To Rename Her Pet Chicken

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honey boo booI feel like PETA should have bigger things to worry about. Publicizing an open letter over a 7-year-old’s name for her pet chicken feels like a waste of time to me. Although, nothing PETA does makes much sense to me. Example 2390483450 of this comes from their open letter to Alana Thompson, better known as Honey Boo Boo, asking that she change her pet chicken’s name. Apparently, the little girl decided to call the chicken “Nugget” and PETA doesn’t want to perpetuate the idea that animals should equal food.

I almost get where PETA is coming from. I can understand why someone who is a vegetarian wouldn’t name a pet chicken “Nugget” or a pet pig “Bacon.” That being said, what one person calls their pet really doesn’t need to be up for public debate. The fact that a child, who happens to eat meat, wanted to call her chicken “Nugget” really doesn’t need to be a media story. Just by bringing attention to the choice, PETA is making the girl’s decision a bigger topic than it would have been otherwise.

To be fair, the group wasn’t nearly as hateful or out of line as they’ve been in the past when it comes to celebrities who don’t live by PETA’s specifications. They apparently sent the Thompson family some samples of vegan snacks and tips on how to eat healthy without harming animals. They packaged their concern as a chance for the little girl to “let her fans know that they should be nice to chickens by not eating them.”

The whole thing is just too ridiculous to be taken seriously though. For one thing, the Thompsons have proven that being politically correct isn’t exactly their style. For another, it’s not like the girl plucked and cooked her chicken on national television. The girl named her pet after the thing she probably associates most closely with chickens, “Nugget.” Any kid who has ever bought a Happy Meal could come up with that name, and probably giggle about it just a bit.

No one should be surprised that PETA is acting foolishly. They recently put out an ad with model Joanna Krupa demonstrating how wearing fur is gross… just like females with “fur.” As is, females with pubic hair. Because that’s obviously “unattractive.”

It seems to me that PETA’s own recent ad is a lot more offensive and inappropriate than a child who calls her pet chicken Nugget. Maybe Honey Boo Boo should write an open letter to PETA. It’s time they red-neck-ognize.

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