Gallery: What Your Holiday Gift Wrapping Says About You

Did anyone else spend the last 48 hours with pop-up tape strips, gift wrap of every color and ribbon knotting in the bottom of their supply bag? That’s right, it was the weekend of wrapping. We’re all preparing for Christmas, getting ready to share our presents with our excited and anxious children. All the shopping may be done, but that doesn’t mean that the work is over.

I’m sure that you’re all professional wrappers, with bells and pine cones attached to beautiful hand-made bows. You have matching ribbon for every paper you’ve bought and your gift tags are shaped like ornaments and tied to all that pretty ribbon. No sticker tags for you, right? Well Perfect McPerfectpants, not everyone can be you. Some of us resort to gift bags!

In the spirit of holiday joy, I thought we would take a quick minute to judge you based on your wrapping choices and ability. A book is only as good as it’s cover, right? Wait, that’s not right…

Oh well, here we go anyways.


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