Mom & Boyfriend Dump Abused Kid In Hospital And Take Off For Theme Park — Like You Do

woman arrestedToday in depressing news to make you hate all human beings everywhere, we have the tale of New Hampshire lovebirds Jessica Linscott and Roland Dow. These two were recently arrested, right after watching a parade in Universal Studios in Florida. Their legal problems stem from brutally abusing Linscott’s three-year-old son and then leaving him in the hospital and going to a freaking theme park.

Linscott’s young son is recovering from surgery after traumatic brain injury lead to seizures, which the couple failed to initially seek help for. Also, the pre-schooler had burns on his fingers and wrists.

Linscott and Dow claim that the 3-year-old somehow inflicted these injuries on himself. The police believe that the boyfriend administered the abuse, while the mother sat back and let everything happen. She’ll be charged with multiple counts child endangerment for failing to seek medical attention and failing to protect her son.

Two weeks ago, police in New Hampshire issued arrest warrants for the couple. That’s when the two decided to flee. And what better place to go after abusing a child than a theme park. I guess maybe they needed to be distracted from what despicable human beings they are? The U.S. Marshal that arrested the pair admitted, ”˜”˜I find it very sad that these two were located in an area designed to bring joy and happiness to children.”

Police have told the media that the boy’s condition is improving, but that it will be a long and difficult battle for him. We can only pray that this little boy has other, responsible family members that are able to step in and support him or that he will find a loving foster family.  What’s more, I hope that his mother is given the punishment she deserves for allowing her son to be abused and then skipping off to a theme park.

I firmly believe that these is a special level of hell for mothers who allow their children to be abused. If all of the allegations against her are true, this woman belongs there.

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