Santa’s Little Helper: Toddlers Will Blab Your Gift Purchases

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shopping cart bearUnless you’re going last-minute gift shopping with your tween or teen, I would think twice about the kids you take on your present runs. The younger ones may understand that you’re buying a gift for mommy or daddy or perhaps even their cousin, but make sure that they’re old enough to understand that they’re supposed to keep quiet.

You may have pinkie swore with your toddler that they’re not to tell their older brothers and sisters what you’ve purchased, but don’t rely on that three-year-old’s sensibility. They may forget and become preoccupied with whatever sparkly trinket you pop into the shopping cart, but they also may blab. They may blab right in the middle of dinner when you mention to your spouse that you went gift-buying this afternoon. They’ll giggle in their high-chair as they blurt out “iPad!” and there you’ll be, trying to clean their mouths while also smothering the words from their mouth.

Even slightly older kids in kindergarten to first grade can’t really be trusted, especially if they have siblings. The older ones will surely bribe them for the shopping details, knowing fully well that Mom or Dad took the baby on Christmas shopping trips. They’ll be offered something instantly gratuitous like candy in exchange for your entire receipt.

Choose your child shopping partners wisely and be mindful of the view from the shopping cart.